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Raising Tots! Potty Training Tips

Date: October 23, 2013 Author: BK Tots Categories: News

Potty Training

Normally the mile stone most parents dread, timing potty training correctly can help lift the stress of this important stage in every child’s life. Time and time
again children are being pushed into potty training by their parent before they are ready. It is important to note that starting a child too early may result in them getting distressed at entering the bathroom or being sat on the potty. Some children have even been known to hold it in which of course can lead to constipation and fevers.

Here are 5 simple signs that your child may be ready

  • Your child tells you when their nappy is wet and wants it to be taken off.
  • Your child wants to sit and try using the potty.
  • They are able to follow instructions such as, ‘do you need the potty?
  •  Your child is able to stay dry for two hours or more.
  • Your child is aware when they are doing something or about to do something.

Here are a few tips to try and make it all go smoother.

  1. Place a disposable bed sheet on their stroller before they sit down. You may still have to change their clothes if they have an accident but at least you won’t have a wet stroller.
  2. Give them lots of praise for their achievements such as using a reward chart.
  3. Try to start potty training at a time when you don’t need to leave the house for school runs or nursery trips.
  4. Buy lots of cheap undies or pants that way it doesn’t matter if they are soiled they can just be thrown away.
  5. Potty training in the summer means they can around the house with little on making it easier to get on the potty in time.
  6. Children are likely to need the toilet after eating so try to get them to sit down at this point.
  7. Expect lots of accidents in their first couple of weeks and don’t give up.
  8. And most importantly avoid pull ups. These feel to children exactly the same as diapers, and therefore most children will use them in this way.
  9. And remember patience is key!! Potty training is a huge milestone in every child’s life the more prepared you are for this change the easier it will be.

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